The Opposition Aspect

November 14, 2017by Stella Mars0

If you take a natal chart and divide it by two, you’ll get a 180° angle. In astrology, this angle is a planetary aspect called an opposition. This means each of the two planets will be totally opposite from one another on the chart. The distance between them creates a lot of tension between the planets involved. However, if the planets can compromise and find fairness, then that innate conflict between them can be used for good.

For instance, Mars is a planet that wants to move quickly and is rather impatient. Saturn is a cautious planet that wants to be careful before it moves. If these two planets are in opposition, they are going to be in total conflict with one another. But, they don’t have to be in conflict with each other. They have the ability to compromise and be objective about the other’s position.

Each planet may benefit from the other’s strengths. Mars can benefit from Saturn helping it pause and more calculated decisions. Meanwhile, Mars can help Saturn take advantage of opportunities quickly and not hesitate so often. This means both planets can grow and develop, finding a middle path. They can create a sort of balance between each other that supports the others weaknesses.

In life, the planetary aspect opposition may cause a lot of tension and frustration. Sometimes this tension can be resolved quickly but other times, it may require you to push yourself harder and harder to find a balance between conflicting parts of your personality. With the opposition planetary aspect, there’s a lot of work that can be done to make you grow as a person. If you check your birth chart to see where in the chart you have oppositions, this will help you determine how much effort you will need in creating a compromise between the two forces in your own personality.

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